Ex Communicated in an itty-bitty world


Growing up in a world where my Blackberry is a tracking device and twitter is the accompany GPS; I wonder whether excommunication is possible in this itty-bitty world. My messages display a “D” for delivered and “R” for read. My tweets come with timestamps and locators, and facebook gives live feed to all my friends about every post I like, comment I make, and event that I RSVP to.  Not only that, but I can call you from Skype and track you on foursquare. The ways to communicate with me are endless, which makes me realize that my Blackberry is now an archaic device. I can no longer dip and dodge messages, avoid phone calls, or change my number without still being found. Can you imagine having a fall out with a friend or a bad breakup where getting rid of their phone communication is not enough? They still plague your news feed and timeline, and sure you can delete them and follow them but let’s not forget the itty-bitty world social media has created. Chances are that if you have a fall out with a friend or breakup with a lover, the two still share some mutual friends and acquaintances.

Now insert that awkward moment when a mutual friend retweets your nemesis or an ex “En route to Miami,” or “City nights with my new boo”. Whatever the case may be, the bastard is well off and still on your timeline! Out of sight, out of mind? Yea right, not anymore! Even worse is that you now find yourself thinking about this person and what they’re up to. Now proceed to a quick stalker session where you read all the tweets, look at all the facebook picture and then get mad at yourself for derailing into this hot mess.

Excommunication in the cyber world is almost impossible. Someone you never want to hear about ever again will pop up! Sure you can unfriend, unfollow, and block these people, but is that doing too much? I’ve seen people take social media disconnection to heart—more so than a deleted number. That shows me that if I really want to dig a knife in someone’s heart, unfriend them. Forget deleting your number, our friendship is officially over when I disconnect you from Facebook and Twitter!


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