Note from a Picky Eater….

So I love to eat and it’s no secret that I love to cook as well… I never told you guys that I am actually a picky eater! For as much as I cook, there are certain things I don’t eat and yes it is strange… Here’s a list of the top ten things I despise!!! 

10. Peach flavors things… gross! However, I’d eat a real peach. Make sense? Yep didn’t think so.

9. Mushrooms… Go away!

8. Pickles with ridges… hey this is an accomplishment! I just started eating pickles. Can’t have em all!

7. Yellow mustard... if it ain’t brown, dijon, or honey I’m not with it!

6. Asparagus… I heard once it makes women smell down there. It was over from there. lol

5. Egg nog… welp, I don’t like this holiday favorite

4. Calamari… well just the ugly looking branched out ones. The circle ones are good to go!

3. Raw Oysters… I’m working on this one. Maybe one day

2. Sauerkraut … cringing as I think about this one. Eww

1. Maple Syrup… GROSS GROSS GROSS!!! This is my absolute least favorite. You can’t pay me to eat this.

… One last thing… I don’t like candy. I don’t hate it, I’ll have some here and there but very rarely.


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