Strawberries & Waffles


Just a little comething to brighten up your morning…

I realized that I LOVE breakfast and rarely post any breakfast foods… Then again, let’s be honest I LOVE FOOD! Here is today’s breakfast… Strawberries & Waffles. This is one of my favorites and beats an egg white omelet any day. I know I’m supposed to be eating healthy, but lets look on the bright side… I added strawberries to my waffles, not chocolate (even though that’s amazing too) and I held back on the whip cream (also amazing!) As you know, I HATE MAPLE SYRUP so I eat all my waffles and pancakes with some good jam or jelly. Furthermore, I add cinnamon and vanilla extract and sometimes even apple sauce to give it more flavor. Try it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Time to go before my waffle gets cold.


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