Summertime Fine… Sangrias


If you live in the Northern Hemisphere then like me, you are enduring this glorious heat. Summer is here, now what are you drinking to quench your thirst? Last year, it was all about a cold one for me. A nice beer cooled my insides left me saying; “Ah” after a few gulps. On the right day, you could even catch me with a packed mini cooler. But while my heart sang and my throat rejoiced at the taste of beer, my tummy raged and expanded. Uh oh. Just when the leaves changed colors, and I reached down to fasten my fall boots…I realized my stomach had kept count of all those summer beers. *Gasp*

So now this year, I picked a new poison—Sangria! It’s light and refreshing and [watch out] stronger than beer! Best part? It comes with fruit! An apple a day keeps the doctor away so why not soak it in wine?


There’s red and white sangria but I always go for the red. As I venture into my old age *cue violin* I’ve noticed my taste pallet preferring red wine. But to each his own. White Sangria is just as tasty. Sangria is very easy to make. Wine-Brandy-Fruit. My favorite wine to use is a good Pinot Noir. Avoid using moscatos—those are already sweet enough, unless you’re trying to go for a wine fruit punch, then hey!

Try it and enjoy. Let me know how it goes. And whether or not it’s friendly on the waistline? … I’ll let you know in the fall…



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