Welcome to Truth & Good Food… My name is Xenia Z. and there’s not much that people know about me but all that is about to change. Charismatic, outspoken, and smart I hope to create discourse about some of the most grueling topics all while offering you tips on how to make tasty treats and savory meals. Let’s get ready to agree to disagree with some wine and food!

Below is a small bio about me. It’s about to get personal! …

My name is Xenia Z. and I am a Queens, New York native. I LOVE my city, and I can’t imagine living anywhere else again…for now… I’m an East Coast big city kind of gal who’s had some of the greatest opportunities imaginable. I’ve lived in Connecticut, Paris, Roanne, Syracuse, and New York City. I’m a graduate of Syracuse University where I was dually enrolled in Newhouse and Arts & Sciences. I can’t wait to conquer the world with my many talents. I speak three languages— English, Spanish, & French and I intend to learn more. On the surface, I’m half Dominican and half Cuban but this doesn’t begin to cover my ACTUAL multi-cultural, multi-ethnic identity and family history. I’m a tough cookie– high maintenance with high expectations but above all splendid. Like any young woman in her twenties, I’m still growing and getting to know myself and what all that even means, but please– join me on my journey. I may not always get it right, but dammit if I don’t try!! You’ll soon learn that my passions revolve around reading, writing and cooking. Last but not least, I did mention that I’m from New York City right? Born and raised? Consider me then you’re home-girl. **wink-wink**

Now without further hesitation… Welcome to my virtual dinner table where my tasty recipes and opinions collide. Take a seat, drink some wine and ENGAGE!

My words are fire, my imagination is captivating, and my ambition is endless.


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