Deviled Eggs with a Turkey Bacon Crisp


Prepare yourself! Labor Day weekend is right around the corner. What better way to wow the guests at the close off BBQ than this one of kind deviled eggs recipes created by yours truly? Here’s a creative twist on a food classic. It won’t disappoint, and awes and yums are guaranteed. Try the recipe below, and let me me know how it goes.


  • A dozen JUMBO eggs (Go big or go home!)
  • Mayonnaise (I prefer Hellmann’s, but I know Miracle Whip is a popular mayo of choice for this dish)
  • Dijon Mustard (I still have some left from when I visited Dijon, France. It’s unreal!)
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Honey
  • Black pepper
  • Paprika
  • Lean Turkey Bacon (I like the ButterBall or Oscar Meyer brand. Yummy!)
  • Ziplock bag
  • Whisk
  • 2 Glass mixing bowl (fine, fine–or a regular one)
  • Small spoon
  • Fork
  • Ice
  • Water


  1. First things first– put your uncooked eggs in warm water if they aren’t already room temperature. Last thing we want is eggs cracking while they boil. The warm water will kill the initial cold shock and will prevent your eggs from bursting from pressure once you start to boil them.
  2. Bring 6-10 cups of water to boil. **Remember we’re dealing with JUMBO eggs here. Make sure your eggs are fully submerged in boiling water**
  3. Once the water starts to boil, GENTLY insert your eggs into the water and let cook
  4. While the eggs are cooking, add about 4-6 cups of ice and cold water into another large mixing boil.
  5. Remove eggs between 10-12 minutes. This is my magic cooking time. Works for me EVERYTIME.
  6. Drain water and switch eggs over to your ice bath. This will prevent the eggs from further cooking.
  7. Once they cool down a bit, crack and peel your hard boiled eggs. **trick– peel them under cold running water so you don’t burn your hands. It can feel like a hot potato once those hard shells start coming off**
  8. Place your peeled eggs onto a serving tray or dish
  9. Once they’re all peeled go ahead and slice them in half
  10. Use a small spoon (tea spoon) to scoop out the hard yolks and place them into another mixing bowl
  11. Now that all of the yolks are in the bowl break them apart and mash them using a fork
  12. Add– 1.5 tbsp of mayonnaise, 1tsp of Dijon mustard, 1 capful of apple cider vinegar (yes use the cap as a measuring tool), a few shakes of black pepper, and 1tsp of honey.
  13. Whisk! Whisk until you get a nice velvety texture. If you need more mayonnaise go ahead and add another tbsp.
  14. Taste your filling. If you want more acid or sweetness go ahead and add more vinegar and honey. However, make sure you tread lightly with that vinegar!
  15. Once you got the desired texture and flavor, scoop your filling inside of a ziplock bag. It’s okay if it all doesn’t fit. We can always fill a new bag.
  16. Cut a medium size hole at the corner of your ziplock bag.
  17. Swirl and fill those hungry egg whites that we left behind.
  18. Once they’re all filled, place a damp napkin over them while we cook the topping. We don’t want our deviled eggs to harden under the exposed air. Set the serving train aside.
  19. Now heat your skillet. No oil necessary.
  20. While that’s heating, cut 6-8 strips of turkey into small pieces.
  21. Add them to your piping hot skillet and move them around. They might start popping off the skillet, so feel free to cover them
  22. Once they’re nice and crispy (and we all know crispy bacon when we see it!)… remove and place onto plate with a dry napkin. We want to drain any excess oil, which won’t be much. Also, allowing your turkey bacon to cool will actually make them crispier. YUM!
  23. Once cooled, garnish your deviled eggs with the turkey bacon.
  24. Sprinkle some paprika
  25. Eat one… now serve and enjoy!

I hope you like this new recipe. I’ve made it for all the BBQs this summer, and they’re a BIG hit. So much so, I have to make sure to eat mine BEFORE I serve them! They’re usually the first thing gone! These deviled eggs have a sweet undertone but the salty turkey bacon crisp compliments it perfectly. Typical deviled eggs are made with relish, but as the resident picky eater, relish is one of those condiments I haven’t warmed up to. However, I deconstructed the foundation of a relish and added them to my deviled eggs. It’s a subtle twist on a crowd favorite. Let me know how it goes!


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