Jumbo Shrimp Paella… Leftover Madness


The Holidays have come and gone and with the New Year looming in corner, I’m sure you have the same problem I have… TOO MUCH LEFTOVER FOOD!

I don’t know about you, but I made enough rice to feed a village this past weekend! Now I’m looking at this wondering, “what am I going to do?”


No worries, this Shrimp fried rice recipe is easy on the pockets and heavy on the leftovers, but best of all quick! Recipe below, and always—let me know how it goes!


·         Leftover white rice

·         Frozen mixed veggies

·         Onions (optional)

·         Green bell peppers (optional)

·         Goya sazon with azafran (saffron)

·         Extra virgin olive oil

·         Tomato paste

·         1/4th of a chicken bouillon cube

·         Lemon juice

·         Garlic powder

·         Black pepper

·         Fresh unfrozen RAW  jumbo shrimp



1.        Clean and peel shrimp and let marinate in lemon juice and pepper

2.       Dice onions and peppers small (optional)

3.       Heat skillet with some extra virgin olive oil

4.       Add onions, peppers, and frozen veggies

5.       Add crumbled bouillon cube, goya sazon, garlic powder, and black pepper.

6.       Sautee and tiny bit of water with tiny bit of tomato paste.

7.       Stir and add in RAW shrimp


8.       Mix and now add in white rice

9.       Continue mixing  and sautéing until rice is evenly coated bright yellow.

10.    Add more water, tomato paste and goya sazon IF needed. *Careful with amount of water, we don’t want mushy rice*

11.      Cover and cook low until shrimp is cooked

12.     Serve & enjoy

Note: This is a quick easy paella recipe that I created myself. I use it all time when I have left over rice. Since I cook so much, I always have onions, peppers, etc… at home. The pack of Jumbo shrimp costs me $7 and feeds at least two people! I make dinner for two with under $10 (frozen veggies are about $1.50).  Sometimes, I even marinate my shrimp with cayenne pepper and lemon juice to give the shrimp and extra kick. Enjoy!


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