Misconceptions of the Veggie Life…. Why I failed


A few months ago I made a drastic diet change and became a vegetarian. I wanted to challenge myself and decided that this was the best way to do so since I practically eat meat with almost every meal. I gave it up for Lent and then indefinitely and finally… I FAILED! A veggie diet is definitely rewarding and healthy, however, there are many misconceptions. I made a few mistakes along the way but learned some very interesting lessons

  • Not all vegetables are created equal…
  • Pasta, pasta, pasta!

It’s hard to get full on zucchini, broccoli and salad! My mistake? I loaded up on carbs and peanuts. Of course, I gained weight!

  • Vegetables give you lots of energy!

Aside from always being hungry, I noticed a veggie diet gave me LOTS of energy. I was pleasantly surprised.

  • Vegetables WILL make you bloated >_<

One thing I learned is that the greener the vegetable the more bloated I’d get. I love eggplant, but this vegetable wasn’t always on my good side smh.

  • Snacks galore!

When I wasn’t stuffing my face with pasta to fill up or eating broccoli, I was snacking. As you can guess, this can go wrong in so many ways if you don’t choose wisely. Truth be told, I got tired of eating raw carrots and almonds as a snack. Oreo cookies and brownies seemed like better alternatives… I was wrong lol

Sometimes I ask myself would I ever try the veggie life again, and I would. Except, I wouldn’t go in head first. I would start off slowly and do more research beforehand. I failed because I was ill equipped. I wasn’t ready with the right snacks and my meals were not well balanced. I was always hungry! All the wrong choices lead me to gain weight! In the end after 2 month, I gave into my inner beast and had a steak… And of course I got sick >_< … The joke was on me.


One thought on “Misconceptions of the Veggie Life…. Why I failed

  1. It is so hard to be a true vegetarian. We are meat eaters, but we do meatless on Friday. One Friday a week we go total vegetarian, the other Friday’s we do ovo-lactarian (do eggs and dairy with the vegetarian). I wish you best as you move forward.

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