Getting Some Head… o_O


When you buy fresh shrimp in France, you are definitely getting some head— I mean, you’re getting the shrimp with their heads. I’m not going to lie, that right there is off putting. Just look at them, the black eye balls, tails, whiskers… IT’S TOO MUCH! It’s like my food is dead yet alive. First of all, I forgot what shrimp even looked until I got here and was like, “Oh wow, they do have heads!” Even worse is when you get the regular shrimp, without the heads, you realize they’ve been decapitated…. HEAD. WHAM. GONE!… It ruins the whole shrimp eating process. No lie, I had shrimp served with the heads still on and I had to cut off all the heads first, set them aside on a different part of my plate, then place a napkin over them—you, know out of respect o_0.

All in all, this whole experience just reminds me that my food was alive once upon a time before it hit my plate. I’m not an ax murderer, hell I’m not even a fighter. I know I need a thicker skin when comes things like this, but until then, I’ll pass on the head.


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