A Note About Animal Cruelty from a Hypocrite


A Note About Animal Cruelty from a Hypocrite….. So this here is a real swordfish. Yes, it’s dead but look at the size of that thing! It’s MASSIVE!! Now I have to ask, who the hell is going to cook that thing? As I walk around the market (one of my favorite things to do in France) and gawk at this fish, I can’t help to feel really bad for this fish. He’s on display so people like me (well, just me because the French were unphased by this massive fish) can just look at him. Even worse, everyone isn’t looking at him, it’s just me!! They killed him just for my viewing pleasure? **holds heart** It’s actually not even pleasure, it’s more shock to be exact. Anyways, let’s be real…. who is really going to buy him, chop him up, and cook him? That fish can feed a village and there’s no village to be fed in these parts of France. Therefore, I have to ask, why even kill the guy? Why not let him live and be the big fish with the sword for a nose in the ocean world? I know I’m giving this too much thought, but it actually broke my know that he was killed to be put on display on top of ice **cringes** ….

Then again, I think “Wow, I have some nerve to feel sorry for this dead fish when I eat meat left and right. The things they do to cattle and chicken” Hence, a note about animal cruelty from a hypocrite. I’m going to be honest, I’m not becoming a vegetarian anytime soon.


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