Ingredient Spotlight: Cilantro

Cilantro is an AMAZING herb and one that people tend to shy away from unless they’re making “Tex-Mex” food aka guacamole/tacos/burritos and so forth. I’ve gone to several restaurants and it makes me cringe when this potent herb is used merely as a garnish. The flavor punch that this herb contains is truly out of this world, and my Cuban black beans would be nothing if I don’t extract the cilantro flavor. Cilantro’s light, tangy, and airy flavor is a refreshing alternative to some traditional herbs over used in everyday cooking like parsley. Every now and then it’s good to mix it up and put cilantro in the marinara sauce instead of parsley—I mean, they are in the same family after all!  It doesn’t drastically change the flavor profile of the dish but it is an easy, quick way to reinvent a dish that can easily get monotonous like spaghetti sauce. Contrary to popular belief cilantro has the power to extend past Spanish, Caribbean, and Asian cuisine. Infuse it into some of your favorite dishes and relish in the unexpected new taste! Tell me what you think…..


P.S. my new obsession is home grown cilantro. Nothing tastes absolutely better than cilantro grown right in your backyard garden. My mother and I added this herb to our summer garden and it has been spectacular! Definitely devising ways to grow this in the winter, homegrown cilantro is the absolute best!


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