10 Things I’m Obsessed with in Punta Cana


I just got back from a ten day vacation in Punta Cana, DR. Half of my family is from the Dominican Republic so it was a special treat to be back on the island that holds part of my roots. Below are ten things that I am obsessed with Punta Cana that I cannot stop talking about. If you ever have the chance, book your next vacation to Punta Cana. You will NOT be disappointed.

  1. White sand beaches (what’s not to love about this?)
  2. Warm clear blue beach water (again what’s not to love?)
  3. Fresh Coconuts that fall from the sky when ripe (careful watch your head lol)
  4. Haitian Mangoes (so sweet! to die for! my absolute favorite)
  5. Presidente beer … the most refreshing beer you will ever have. Hands down.
  6. Mama Juana aka Dominican Viagra … enough said!
  7. Rum, rum, & more rum! Barcelo & Brugal… The only way to go
  8. Thunderstorm showers… there’s one a day for ten minutes. It cools the island down every night.
  9. Music… bachata, merengue, los palos… they play all day. It’s a joy
  10. Café … I don’t drink coffee, but even this coffee was too good to resist.

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